Testimonials from past Vespa customers


Hello Brett. I am extremely pleased with everything it drives and looks great, if you ever need me to give a reference regarding your service and products do not hesitate to E.Mail me, also if you want I can take some pictures of me and the bike for your gallery as your possibly first Spanish customer again many thanks  

— Neil Connors


I cant say enough good things about them and the bikes are mint,mint. Not only have I have bought through All Vespa but 4 friends have as well. Hope this helpful you. Regards John Willet

— John Willett


I love it! It looks like brand new. Everyone who has looked at it cannot believe that it's a 1966 model. They've done a beautiful job and it runs great!!!!

I'm not sure what customs and local port fees are in Denmark. They were around $200 (300+ Euros) here in the US. In the US, any vehicle greater than 25 years old does not have to meet current environment or traffic regulations, so it went through customs okay.
All I can say is that I'm very satisfied and I highly recommend it. It was at least $1000 cheaper (about 1500+ Euros) than any where else that I priced similar.
If you have any other questions, please ask. You won’t be disappointed.

— Mike Carr (offering referral to another customer)


 The Vespa has arrived in OZ intact and no visible damage. Your guys know how to pack them, what a mission un-packing!! Anyway I gave it a good polish today and have had the motor running. The weather here has been very wet so I haven't yet been for a ride, can't get the tires wet.

Got a couple of friends that may be interested in a scooter so I might be in contact soon to see what you have available. Anyway we are really happy with our Vespa, many thanks. I'll send you a few local photos of it soon.
Cheers for now



Hi Brett, Scooter has now arrived at home,well pleased with it.I would like to thank you and all the team for a great looking and sounding scooter.Hopefully a couple of friends will be placing an order with you. A quick question though,Where do the the mirrors fit to?Well thanks again. A happy scooterist

— stu


 The Scooter arrived yesterday and it looks great! Shipping /customs worked out fine...no problems

I am going to start it up tonight for the first time.
I have looked over the scooter and it really looks great. I will take a picture and send it tomorrow.
I will contact you tomorrow. As I said I am going to take it for a ride tonight and I will let you know if I find anything else.
Thank a lot. I am very happy Mark Biechler Design Team

— Randy Robertson



Everyone who has seen the bike has thought it is the baddest thing they have seen...like us, not scooter type people, just people who love cool shit. Figuring out how to ride it in the abandoned ghetto neigborhoods, even the people trying to salvage their houses were waving us down to look at it...It really is something.
Well even if we can't get Mardi Gras pics, we'll get some good looking exotic like pics for you...and one of us in front of a house in the middle of the street on top of a car, cause that is cool looking too...
all else fine, thanks,

— Jeff



I am embarrassed to say I skipped over the "remove tape from the exhaust" - the bike worked beautifully first go with the tape remove. Sounds great, looks fantastic and I must say I am very pleased.
When I told my wife how stupid I had been she said "well I read that about the tape on the exhaust" - typical boy I read instructions last. She was happy to have a victory.
Anyway Brett, thanks for getting back to me. I hope I don't have to bother you with inane questions any more.
I will send you a photo when I get it registered
Thank you very much again Brett, you guys are very professional and I appreciate your efforts. Cheers

— Bernie McGrane