Help and FAQ's

Where are the bikes shipped to?

The bikes are shipped all over the world Point to Point.

Can they be delivered to my home?

Yes, but it's more expensive. We typically do Point to Point delivery. See our Shipping section for details.

Are the parts original?

The scooter engine and body are original. We replace the parts that need to be replaced on a 30+ year old scooter. Check out our Restoration page for a complete list of parts replaced.

Do you provide a discount if I order more than 1?

Absolutely. Contact us and specify the amount of bikes you want.

Can I ride my Vespa in my country?

In most countries, yes. Many scooters over a certain age are exempt from many of the laws concerning emissions. Of course you will need proper registration for your local area.

How long have you been in business?

We've been in business since 2000 (13 years).

Is the paperwork included with the bike?

Yes, all the necessary paperwork is included with the bike. The paperwork is shipped out after final payment has been received.

Are the motorbikes working?

Absolutely. Almost like new.

Where can I find parts for the Vespa where I live?

There are lots of resources on the internet. You can start with Scooterhelp or Scomo.net.

Can I get my Vespa in any color (or colors) I want?


Do you ship the Vespa manual with it?

Yes, we ship the Vespa manual with the Vespa.

Can the Vespa make it on a long journey?

There are many tales of people travelling along coasts in England and America. Suffice to say, yes, they can make it. But do remember this wasn't meant for the kind of rigorous driving that modern bikes are capable of.

Do you provide any kind of warranty?

We provide a 6 month Warranty on all parts. We do not, however, take responsibility for damages occuring during the shipment - each Vespa is insured and the buyer is responsible for checking the scooter for damages and filling in the form before accepting the Vespa from carrier.

Do you provide any support after I have received my bike?

Absolutely. We typically respond within 24 hours.