About Us


Who – We are AllVespa, a team that has properly restored Vespas for 13 years. Our pride is taking a 1960's scooter and restoring it so that it looks like it did almost 60 years ago.


What – We only restore original, authentic Vintage Vespas that shared the roads in the 60’s….the real thing.


Where – We source internationally with most scooters being restored off shore.  There simply aren't enough original Vespas in the US. The selection of scooters offshore is vast and prices are still affordable. In the US, the available stock is almost nonexistent creating a price structure that is 2X-3X greater before any restoration work is even done.    


When – It takes around three weeks for the restoration and shipping will vary based upon location.  We keep you updated throughout the entire time period.


Why? – We love what we do…plain and simple

American and Australian ex-pats originally started the company and website in 2000. While the website is now run from the US, the people behind the restoration are still the same with many years of experience and of high skills. The commitment to our customers has helped establish our reputation as the leader of restored Vespas.

We have each scooter checked by a 3rd party before shipping. 

Recently, we've begun to make large improvements to the restoration process....notably providing 3 port PX engines as our default restoration, replacement of more parts, and major improvements to the bodywork.